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I Want to Keep My Home

I want to keep my home, but I need help getting a loan modification with my lender. I need more affordable mortgage terms but don't understand my options.

Do you have questions about a Home Loan Modification?


I Want to Sell My Home

I no longer want to keep my home, but I owe more on my mortgage than my home is worth. I need to relocate to more affordable housing and want my options.

Do you have questions about Selling Your Home As A Short Sale?


I Am Unable to Sell My Home

I am unable to sell my home as a short sale. I don't want foreclosure. I want to transfer the property back to the mortgage lender and relocate to more affordable housing.

Do you have questions about a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure?


I Need More Time to Plan

The foreclosure process has started. I need more time to understand my options and submit for mortgage assistance with my lender. How should I plan for mediation?

Do you have questions about the Foreclosure Mediation process?


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Is Your Home Upside Down? Are Your Bills Overwhelming?

Through affordable housing and finance related consulting we offer a variety of options. Start a free plan.

Since the collapse of the US housing bubble there has been disappointing results in respect to implementing programs that permit mortgage companies, banks and financial institutions to divest troubled and non-performing mortgage loans.


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"Delmarva Home Relief is the reason this process was completed and my family is grateful to them. Their professionalism and the staff's industry knowledge will allow Delmarva Home Relief to be a leader in this field."

Bill, Homeowner

"If God wouldn't have put us in touch with Delmarva Home Relief, we'd probably be on the street right now". "My wife is able to keep a roof over the children now. They're able to stay in school, stay around their friends. They don't have to be uprooted."

Ken, Homeowner

"I was highly impressed with the professionalism and results achieved by Michael and his entire team! From start to finish, the "customer first" attitude"


Kevin, Homeowner