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Through affordable housing and finance related consulting we offer a variety of options. Start a free plan.

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We create affordable opportunities for a Second Chance.

Delmarva Home Relief provides affordable housing solutions to consumers, lenders, servicers, and borrowers. We are not your typical corporation. We consider the impact of our decisions not only on shareholders, but also on our employees, community, and the environment.

Our experienced and diverse team of real estate, foreclosure, economic and affordable housing experts offers an innovative and creative solution geared towards stabilizing and improving distressed or challenged communities, neighborhoods, families and individuals.


Planning Options to Avoid Foreclosure Requires Experience

Understanding the truth about each option can limit the difficulties of disappointing results.

Since the collapse of the US housing bubble there has been disappointing results in respect to implementing programs that permit banks and financial institutions to divest troubled and non-performing loans.

We can help you understand your options under government wide and lender specfic programs such as: 

What Makes Us Different?

Our process of planning and negotiating foreclosure prevention options makes us an innovative solution to affordable housing.

Through foreclosure prevention, housing and finance consulting, projects, and a commitment to the community, we are changing the way consumers understand their options in the area of housing and mortgage finance. How will your plan get structured?

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We offer a variety of services that provide a significant benefit to consumers, borrowers, and lenders create solutions for affordable housing.

Many banks and financial institutions are paralyzed in their efforts to remedy bad lending decisions and fearful of further exposing their senior managers and investors to heightened levels of public scrutiny and heated disputes about past practices.

Whether you are in need of an understanding of your current mortgage, are facing foreclosure, or need to relocate to more affordable housing. We may be able to help.