Our Mission and Vision

Delmarva Home Relief was founded in 2011 as a result of a clear and needed solution: homeowners needed to find reliable resources to help them fight foreclosure and find mortgage relief with their lenders. This led founder and CEO Michael Nolen to create an innovative consulting firm that offers an all in one solution to homeowners facing foreclosure.

As Delmarva Home Relief grew, so did our brand. While our foundation was build on the mortgage industry, we began redeveloping ideas to benefit industry professional we've hand a close relationship with over the years. We knew that helping real estate and mortgage professional connect to buyers and sellers would help educate consumers on their available options.

With all of the services offered at Delmarva Home Relief, you'll be sure to find a helpful solution. Whether you need help negotiating a loan modification, short sale, or deed in lieu, want to find a real estate professional, or create an inbound marketing campaign to educate your real estate or mortgage customers, we'll be able to create a customized plan for you.

Our executive team

Michael Nolen
Founder, CEO
Michelle Mason
VP of Loss Mitigation Consulting
Jeff Bracone
Manager of Inbound Marketing Sales


Meet our Management