Creative Affordable Housing Consulting

Turing housing challenges into affordable opportunities

Starting at the collapse of the US housing bubble, many borrowers quickly merged into a new life of reduced household income and higher debt limits.

In today's housing market, affordable housing can be difficult to locate, especially for current and former distressed property owners.

Direct Market Data

We extracted data using unique strategies that have been developed from our experience analyzing distressed financial situation among borrowers and tenants. 

The aspect of distressed financial cases has allowed Delmarva Home Relief to create loss mitigation practices that have made us an innovative solution for our clients.

We are presently involved in market studies within Maryland’s eastern shore relating to foreclosure trends and the need for additional affordable housing. Our team has begun collaborating with developers, investors, and non-profit orginzations in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York to implement a new innovative housing model called Relevium.

Affordable Housing Project Advisors

We consult directly with developers, non-profits, and public entities to incorporate more diverse opportunities for our community. Through the implementation of creative strategies, we have begun promoting sustainable economical growth. With our vast amount of experience and professional relationships, we have the ability to bring in additional industry resources to almost any project.

DHR's Affordable Housing Project

Relevium is using Rule 506 (c) of Regulation D exemption of Section 4(a)(2) of the Securities Act to sell its private offering to accredited investors. Relevium is selling shares of Series A Preferred Stock to accredited investors. 

Check out Relevium's Regulation D Rule 506 (c) offering for accredited investors.