Diversified Foreclosure Consulting Services

Creative solutions for real estate agents, real estate investors and buyers, mortgage lenders, and homeowners

With foreclosure still jeopardizing families throughout the nation, our team has proven to be a successful model that has provided hundreds of families a resolution to avoid foreclosure.

Evaluating Foreclosure Prevention Options for Homeowners

Since 2011, our team has consistently fine-tuned our model to provide our clients the best resources to assist in resolving the issues related to foreclosure. 

Since each housing market is different, we take a closer look to each individual property. Since Delmarva Home Relief assists borrowers with foreclosure prevention services, we are able to gather data and trends more specific to members of our community.

Foreclosure Timeline

When facing a financial hardship, the last thing a borrower needs is the fear of foreclosure. Through the evaluation of options combined with timing of the foreclosure process we create solutions. 

Foreclosure Notices

Each notice in the foreclosure process indicates the available options for struggling homeowners. We identify each mortgage assistance option through our strategic foreclosure planning process. 

Property Intentions

With over 4-million borrowers still underwater on their mortgages, determining the long-term goals of your property is emotional, but our professional foreclosure services evaluates future goals. 

Foreclosure Trends

We have developed market studies related to foreclosure and the housing market by accessing Maryland foreclosure trends and gathering data from our loss mitigation customers, we implement strategies that promote economic growth.

Planning an All Option Review of Foreclosure Alternatives

Struggling homeowners continually struggle to obtain mortgage assistance due to their lenders presentation on what seems to be a simple loss mitigation process. Borrowers fail to realize the difficulties they will face. 

Planning Options

We assist borrowers with negotiating, processing and navigating the loan modification process, short sale process, deed in lieu process and the foreclosure process to overcome difficult obstacles related to mortgage relief.

Plan B

When planning options during the foreclosure process, borrowers need to consider each possible outcome to obtain appropriate mortgage relief. We clarify the options and establish an objective.

Looking Ahead

Real estate should be considered an investment to your future. With property value on the rise and millions of borrowers still underwater on their mortgage, considering the long term investment of your property is critical for retirement. We help you plan for the future.