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What You Need to Know About Foreclosure Mediation and the Foreclosure Process

You Need to Start Planning Options, Now! If you received the Final Loss Mitigation Affidavit during the Maryland foreclosure process, your options are coming close to the end. It is more important than ever to start planning options if you want to avoid foreclosure.

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Is the Maryland Foreclosure Mediation Program Right for You?

Ready to Talk About Your Options?

Homeowners in Maryland have benefited from our successful foreclosure mediation representation. The foreclosure process in Maryland is already confusing, so why go to a foreclosure mediation hearing alone without someone that is experienced with the foreclosure mediation program and all loss mitigation options.

How to Take Advantage of the Maryland Foreclosure Mediation Program?

Plan of your options before you go

Foreclosure mediation is here to offer mortgage help. But, you need to plan. May homeonwers don't even know that they failed their mediation hearing. Homeonwers have been left without options beacuse of bad information from the lender. Don't let this happen to you and your family.

To help you, we will

  • Plan your options with the Maryland foreclosure process

  • Start negotioating mortgage help before the hearing

  • Explain what to expect at foreclosure mediation

When to Apply for Foreclosure Mediation in Maryland?

Notice of Intent, Notice of Foreclosure, Final Loss Mitigation Affidavit

If you are behind on your mortgage and the Maryland foreclosure process has started you may soon be able to apply for foreclosure mediation. There are two types of foreclosure mediation and you need to understand when and how to benefit from foreclosure mediation.

Confused about the Maryland foreclosure process, we'll:

  • Explain when foreclosure mediation is available

  • How to plan for foreclosure mediation

  • The phases of mortgage help

  • How to avoid foreclosure scams