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Maryland Foreclosure Trends

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Maryland Foreclosures Overview

Maryland foreclosures total 41,189 open active remaining from 2013 and 2014 foreclosure filings. Central Maryland foreclosures has the highest percentage of open/active foreclosures, which make up 48.49% of all MD foreclosures during this period. The Eastern Shore of Maryland foreclosures have 11.12%, Southern Maryland foreclosures have 32.55%, and Western Maryland foreclosures have 7.99% of all open/active foreclosures from this period.


Maryland Foreclosure Trends and Stats by County

We are a local Maryland company that has a focus on researching local Maryland foreclosures, and studying the market with a hands on approach.

To learn more about foreclosure trends in your county, click on your county below. We divided the counties by region, Central Maryland, Eastern Shore Maryland, Southern Maryland, and Western Maryland.

Our Maryland Pre-Foreclosure Data Package

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