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Identifing problems with housing and foreclosure trends.

Since the collapse of the housing bubble, homeowners in Maryland have struggled with finding legitimate, available resources to avoid foreclosure.  The American robo-signing controversy of 2010 left many thousands of homes in the pre-foreclosure process, in limbo.  

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We reinvest to study and improve destabilized communities.

As this wave of dormant foreclosures has entered the real estate market, it has threatened to displace families, destabilize communities, and further lower housing values, weakening American and global economic recoveries.

We have implemented pilot projects and case studies that focus on research and development that will be incorporated into additional services, programs, and options for the public.

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We will soon publish our case studies and pilot project research and development reports.

Testimonies from our customers both consumer and professional is one of the major resources used to develop our programs, products, projects, and services to help the community.


Door to Door Foreclosure Awareness Pilot Project

In 2012 and 2013, Delmarva Home Relief developed a pilot project we named the "Door to Door Foreclosure Awareness Project". We visited over 200 properties that were filed into foreclosure within a sixty day period.  These properties were throughout Wicomico County, Maryland and Talbot County, Maryland. We promoted available options, resources and studied various market trends related to foreclosure.


Community Outreach Committees and Projects

In 2013, the Board of Directors elected to adopt a resolution to employ strategy's to help the community through the structuring and development of different "Community Outreach Committees". These committees are designed to partner with industry professionals to accomplish one goal, help this in need. Learn More. 

Community Outreach Project were designed to promote education, resources, and available options to those struggling with foreclosure and affordable housing.  


Foreclosure and Market Data Reports

Through different data pointing practices, we locate foreclosures throughout the State and evaluate trends in relation to economic impacts. These data points help develop outreach ideas and opportunities for different projects developed by Delmarva Home Relief. 


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