Thousands of homeowners each year are misled by misrepresented services and these providers are stealing millions from homeowners struggling to pay their mortgage and facing foreclosure. 

Loan Modification Scam artists and other misleading mortgage assistance relief service providers misrepresent their services by offering false guarantee's about obtaining mortgage relief from their lender or servicer, charging up-front fees, and many times, never obatining an offer of mortgage assistance.

Do You Think You Were A Victim of a Home Loan Modification Scam?


If you believe that you were a victim of a home loan modification scam, you should consider filing a complaint with your state;s attorney general and state regulator regarding mortgage assistance relief services.

If you need help, we may be able to offer guidance to file a written compliant.

Facts About Regulated Mortgage Assistance Relief Services

Under the Federal Mortgage Assistance Relief Service Rule (MARS Rule) originally promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission and issued as an interim final rule, known as Regulation O, by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, mortgage assistance relief services are to be offered to homeowners with a clear honest services and only charging fees for completed services along with other important conditions.

Your safest guarantee to receive honest mortgage assistance relief services is to hire a regulated MARS provider offering their loan modification, short sale, and deed in lieu of foreclosure services without a fee until a successful agreement is reached with the lender or servicer and the agreement is accepted by the homeowner.

The Truth About Attorney's Offering Mortgage Assistance Relief Services

Attorney's have a special exemptions under the Mortgage Assistance Relief Service Rule. The exemption allows an attorney's to charge Up-Front Fees as long as they are licensed to practice law in the state they are offering mortgage assistance relief services, and they comply with with their ethical obligation as an attorney.

Since the MARS rule is federal, there may be state regulation requirements. Some states require that loan modification services are performed by a licensed mortgage lender, servicer, broker. Many states may not have an exemption for attorney's to obtain a mortgage licenses without meeting experience and other requirements.

Many mortgage assistance relief service scams are law firms. We call many of these loan modification scams operate as a law firm, a law firm business. This term is used since most law firms offering mortgage assistance relief services that were issued a cease and desist order from the FTC were represented as a law firm but professionals (non attorney's) sold, and performed services. 

Examples of a Home Loan Modification Scams

Were told to pay a fee before the service begins?
Were you guaranteed assistance with your lender?
Were you guaranteed results?
Did the provider present a relationship with your lender or the government?
Were you asked to sign over title to your property?
Were you asked to pay your mortgage payments to the service provider?
Were you advised to stop making mortgage payments?

Were you told to stop communicating with your lender or servicer?

Required Mortgage Assistance Relief Service Disclosure

Delmarva Home Relief, LLC is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender. You may stop doing business with us at any time. You may accept or reject the offer of mortgage assistance we obtain from your lender [or servicer]. If you reject the offer, you do not have to pay us. Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan.

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