Understanding Our Short Sale Process

Starting a Short Sale with Delmarva Home Relief

We provide you a step by step of our short sale process. If your are ready to talk about your short sale options, schedule a free consultation with one of our short sale home relief consultants. Schedule a Free Consultation

Here is a breakdown of our short sale process

Review Short Sale Options: We will start by discussing your reason for short sale, discuss the foreclosure process, and go over the process to start.

Find a Real Estate Agent: If you need a real estate agent, we can help you find one. We have a network of real estate agent resource to help you connect with the right agent that understands the short sale process. If you have an agent, we will need to have them register you as a seller.

Coordinate the Listing of Your Home: Once your agent has been selected, we will coordinate the listing agreement with your lenders short sale process.

Contact your Lender: We will contact your lender to start the short sale process and get a list of documents that are needed to get the ball rolling.

Waiting for an Offer: Once the property is listed for sale, we will need to wait for an offer, at this point in time, we are here to address questions about the foreclosure process and short sale process. You will be added to a customer only list of great helpful topics published on our blog and free downloads to prepare you for the road ahead.

Review a Short Sale Offer: When your real estate agent presents an offer, we are here to discuss the offer and the presentation to the lender with you and your real estate agent.

Prepare Your Short Sale Application: Once an offer is accepted, we will prepare your short sale package, collect all of the needed supporting documents, and help your prepare your hardship letter, and other documents.

Coordinate the Lenders Short Sale Review: Once we send your short sale package to the lender, we will follow up frequently, provide updates to you, your real estate agent, and the buyers agent, until the short sale has completed review.

Discuss your Short Sale Agreement: Once your lender reviews and approves your offer and short sale package, we will discuss the agreement including all of the terms of the short sale. At this point, you have the right to accept or reject the short sale offer.

Coordinate Short Sale Settlement Process: Once the agreement is accepted by you and your lender, we notify the buyers and and buyers title company to get the settlement process started.

Send Final Short Sale Documents: Once settlement is completed, the lender will require final short sale documents to be send to the lender to compete the short sale transaction.