The Purpose Behind Delmarva Home Relief

After witnessing fraudulent and deceptive mortgage loan modification company that was collecting illegal up-front fees, Michael knew there was a better way to offer services to distress homeowners.

Delmarva Home relief was founded on the principle of honest services. We have helped many avoid loan modification scams and other mortgage relief services as well provided assistance to homeowners with filing a complaint.

As a regulated Mortgage Assistance Relief Service Provider, we offer an outstanding performance based "Service Guarantee" all mortgage relief services.  Our consulting division provides increased support for consumers, borrowers, lenders and servicers, and business in our community.

Since our inception, Delmarva Home Relief has successfully navigated the loss mitigation department for hundreds of homeowners. Through efficient process utilizing CRM platforms, mortgage document preparation, an understanding of available options, employee training, and ethical regulated representation, we offer a services that has changed lives when all hope has seemed to disappear.

Helping Homeowners Find Alternatives to Foreclosure through Creative Planning and Consulting.


Delmarva Home Relief was founded in 2011 by Michael Nolen.  Michael met with a small group of friends to discuss the beginning of our innovative opportunity. With the help of his friends, Michael was able to secure a $40,000 loan to start our plan. With the help of friends, family, and relationships, Delmarva Home Relief became a one stop resource for those interested in affordable housing, foreclosure prevention and mortgage related services.

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