Free Sample Hardship Letter for a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Get our easy to use hardship letter template when applying for a deed in lieu with your lender

Download our Hardship Letter Template for a Deed in Lieu

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Agreement_Check_Icon.jpgYour lender says, apply for a deed in lieu. You've been through their process before and you're just not up for it again. You question your lender about their option and the benefits of a deed in lieu vs foreclosure.

Now, you need to write to write a hardship for a deed in lieuOnly is there were a resource to help you write one. Good news! You can download our Free Sample Hardship Letter for Deed in Lieu to help you write a good letter like the pro's. 

With an easy to understand format, you'll simply "Fill in the Blanks" and use our tips to help you write a good letter of hardship.

What you'll get for this free download:

  • An easy "Fill in the Blank" template
  • Tips on writing a financial hardship letter
  • Best practices for taking out fluff

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Template Disclosure

By download our free template, Delmarva Home Relief does not gurantee your lender will change the term of your loan or approve you for an program. Contact your lender or loan servicer for information regarding the preperation of a hardship letter. DHR does not provide legal advice and the information in this download is not legal advice. Contact an attorney for your legal rights.