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Delmarva Home Relief offers a variety of consulting, educational, and support services to help homeowners find alternatives to foreclosure, educating real estate professionals, and helping consumers get connected to real estate resources.

Consulting Services of all types

Loss Mitigation

Find the best options. Whether you're looking to modify your mortgage, sell your home as a short sale, or transfer your home back to your lender, we'll help you better plan your options.

Housing and Foreclosure

Think outside of the box. We'll help buyers find off market pre-foreclosures, guide real estate agents through the loss mitgation process, and review data and mapping for your next housing project.

Inbound Marketing

Master the art of resource marketing. We'll help you with what works because we've did it ourselves. Real estate agents can better educate their customers with our marketing programs.

Loss Mitigation Consulting

Finding Foreclosure Alternatives for Homeowners

Loan Modification Consulting

Modify the terms of your mortgage

If you're having difficulties or you think difficulties are to come with your mortgage payments, our loan modification services may be the right option for you. What are your options? How do you know if you're eligable? We'll help you better understand your loan modification options under different government-wide and lender specific modifictaion programs.
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Short Sale Consulting

Selling your home for less than the mortgage

Maybe a loan modification is not an option or you're just ready to move on from your home. If you owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth, your lender may help you sell your home for less that what you owe. We'll help you find a real estate agent and better educate you about with our short sale services.
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Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure Consulting

Transfer your home back to your lender

If you're unable to sell your home as a short sale, or as an alternative to foreclosure, you may be able to transfer ownership of your home back to your lender. A process different from just mailing your keys back. With our deed in lieu of foreclosure services, we'll help you find out how to get started, and the available options.
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Foreclosure Mediation Consulting

Finding a resolution in foreclosure

A service available in Maryland and Delaware, we'll help you plan your options by your side in foreclosure mediation. Our foreclosure mediation services offer you a professional advocate to help you layout a plan or agreement to avoid foreclosure with your lender.
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Delmarva Home Relief is not associated with the government and our services have not be approved by the government or your lender. Loss Mitigation services are not available in all states, contact us to see if our services are available.

Housing and Foreclosure Consulting

Services designed to help real estate buyers and businesses

We offer a variety of consulting services for real estate buyers, real estate agents, and housing based businesses. Whether you're searching for an off market pre-foreclosure property, what to better understand foreclosure trends for your business, enhance your real estate services to offer your buyers and sellers, we may be able to help.
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Inbound Marketing Consulting

Engaging marketing for real estate agents

We understand the challanges of marketing your real estate services and listings online. We asked ourselves the same questions over two years ago. Now, we've taking what has worked for us, and offer it to real estate agents. Stand out from other offering the same thing - Here's my listings, browse homes, and my services. Take a step forward. We'll design the best Inbound Marketing plan for your real estate business.
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