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We'll help you better understand the short sale process

Are you thinking of selling your home as a short sale. We've negotiated hundreds of loss mitigation cases for homeowners and can help you better understand your options. We can even help you get connected with a Maryland real estate agent experienced with selling short sales.

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Our Loss Mitigation Services

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Short Sale Consulting

Deed in Lieu Consulting

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Short Sale Service Highlights

The Short Sale Process

From start to settlement, we're here

We understand that the process homeowners face with their lenders seems hopeless. But, with our short sale process, we get to the point, explain your options. We help you better understand the process.

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Dedicated Support

One person by your side

We don't pass you around from on person to another like your lender. You get dedicated support from a knowledgable professional until the short sale process is complete. We give you light in a dark place.

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Honest Services

& Without up-front fees

As a regulated Mortgage Assistance Relief Service Provider, we follow strict regulations to ensure our customer are given honest and professional services. We never charge an upfront fee MARS consulting services.


Our Short Sale Negotiation Fees

There's no fee to homeowners for our real estate short sale negotiation services.

Our fee is charged directly to the Listing Broker for short sale services rendered. Our short sale consulting fee is calculated at $1,000 or 1% of the total Gross Sale process, whichever is greater. The Listing Broker must agree to this structure for us to begin our services, we have a list of real estate agents and brokerage.

Some of the services we offer: 

  • Prepare all of the lender's short sale packages, forms, and/or letters
  • Contact the short sale lender(s)
  • Coordinate updates and short sale documents
  • Keep the homeowners, real estate agents & title company updated
  • Can work with the homeowners attorney
  • Coorinate options during select state's foreclosure process

We offer additional services for as an alternative to foreclosure. Our additional services, include, but not limited to:


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Need a Real Estate Agent?

Connect with a Real Estate Resource Member

If you're consider a short sale as your alternative to foreclosure, it's best to find real estate agent fimilar with the short sale process - and the real estate listing process. We offer the options to browse local real estate agents, we consider our real estate resource members. 

Here's a few quick links to find a real estate resource member

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Get a free short sale consultation.

We'll shine our light on your possible options.

We understand the short sale process. Since our start shortly before the collapse of the U.S. housing bubble, we have been about honest and community committment. We have devoted and dedicated our time helping homeonwers discover options.

If you're ready to learn what options possible rests ahead, schedule a free short sale consultation. You'll speak one on one with our founder and CEO, Michael Nolen.

Here's you and Michael will talk about:

  • What happened
  • Life after a short sale
  • The loss mitigation and short sale process
  • Your questions and consider