The Real Estate Resource Project

Find Homes for Sale, Real Estate Agents, Short Sales, Community Resources, Free Downloads, and so much more.

We beleive that you should know your options. That's why we created the Real Estate Resource Project. We want to connect consumers with options through our real estate resources.


What's The Real Estate Resource Project?

A project to help consumer's through "real estate members".

It's a different program with consumer education at mind. We're taking a different approach when it comes to marketing. We believe real estate members can't buy their way to the top, they have to earn it. We take educational resources and connect consumers to the world.
Using creative ideas from experience in mortgage banking, loss mitigation, and real estate - We let our light shine bright before the world to help consumers find their way through the real estate process.

Become a Real Estate Resource Member*.

*Application process is required for membership. Restrictions apply. Fees for membership apply. Membership qualifications and fees are subject to change without notice. For a complete list of qualifications, contact Delmarva Home Relief.

Searching "Homes for Sale".

  • Find links to connect to educational resources.
  • Get info about communities, schools, and so much more.
  • Connect to Real Estate Members through their profiles.
  • Many members offer Free Local Real Estate Updates

Have a questions? Ask.

We love to share what we've learned. Contact us.

Find Homes for Sales.

The DHR resource way.

Let's face it, everywhere we look there's a real estate website with a way to search homes for sale. At the end of the day, you go with the one that's the easiest to navigate.


We think consumers should see what's out there in the real estate market - but get connected to real estate agents that have better access and guidance than the internet can offer.

Find Homes for Sale


Need a Real Estate Agent?

We can help you connect with an agent in select markets. Our real estate agent members must meet our professional real estate standards, as developed by our board of directors.

You can let us help you find a trusted real estate agent - or find one on our website. 

Find an Agent

Find a Real Estate Resource.

Industry tested. Member approved. Resources.

Since our start shortly before the collapse of the U.S. housing market, we have continued to maintain a reputation for honest and community committment.


That's why we created our Real Estate Resource Project. We want to connect consumer to honest and community committed real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, and other real estate profesionals.

Find Pre Foreclosures.

Use what works. Connect buyers & sellers.

Using foreclosure and consumer research, successful educational marketing strategies, and years of loss mitigation negotiating - we bring real estate investors, pre foreclosure properties, and professional consultants together. And, together we'll have a solid plan.


Find Short Sales.

Follow the short sale process.

Our loss mitigation department helps sellers negotiate a short sale with lenders and loan servicers. Select short sales are advertisied in "Homes for Sale" and the profiles of eligible real estate resource members.

Get access to free eBooks, Guides, Templates, and more - All designed for both short sale buyers and sellers.


Find Pre Deed in Lieu's.

Future Homes for Sale.

You've heard of how to find foreclosures and short sales - but, what about deed in lieu of foreclosures. Our deed in lieu customers can advertise their home for sale before it's approved with the lender, and before a real estate agent is assigned to market the home.

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