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Think you've been overcharged on your mortgage, escrow account or student loan? A loan audit may be helpful*.

As part of our Real Estate Resource Project, we've built a relationship with one the nation's leading loan audit firm, Loantech, LLC. Loantech's loan audit services have been used by homeonwers, law frims, mortgage professionals, and the real estate industry.

About Mortgage Auditing Consulting Services

Real Estate and Mortgage Resources for Consumers

With so many mortgage assistance relief service scams in the US, we feel you should have a reliable and trusted resource to audit your mortgage. We've created a beneficial relationship with David Ginsburg at Loantech, LLC, one of the nation's leading providers and developers of copyrighted mortgage audit services and mortgage audit software.

Benefits of a Forensic Mortgage Audit

Uncover errors due to overcharges, miscalculations, lender violations

If you beleive your mortgage was orginated incorrectly, a mortgage audit could help you get relief. Through Loantech's mortgage audit services, they have helped thousands of homeowners receive individual refunds of up to $38,000. Refunds could be recovered with a mortgage audit by uncovering overcharges, miscalculations, and federal lending violations.

Mortgage audits may be able to help with loan modification, short sale, and deed in lieu of foreclosure applications - But, you'll need to determine if an audit makes sense. Many companies offering mortgage assistance relief services make false claims about mortgage audits and its use to prevent foreclosure. Loantech can help you understand the process, and if an audit is a good idea.

Loantech can also provide you with expert witness and litigation support services.

About Loantech, LLC

Leading provider & developer of copyrighted mortgage audit services & software

Since 1983, Loantech has helped thousands of consumers make informed financing decisions with their auditing services and software. Loantech first gained national attention by uncovering inaccuracies with adjustable rate mortgage computations.

Loantech, LLC's founder and president, David I. Ginsburg is nationally known as a mortgage expert. David has extensive experience in all facets of the mortgage industry with expereince as a former Mortgage Product Manager at the Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae), a  former real estate analyst with the National Association Of Realtors® (NAR), and early in his career he was an analyst with the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

Loantech has been frequently cited by such publications as USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, MONEY, Consumer Reports and The New York Times.

Types Professional Auditing Services by Loantech

LoanTech offers a variety of expereinced auiditing services.

Delmarva Home Relief customers receive special discounts for Loantech's auditing services. Loantech’s auditors have performed audits for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and has access to fraud detection tools that's only available to professional fraud auditors and the law enforcement community.

Review some of the auditing services offered by Loantech. 

Forensic Mortgage Audit

A Forensic Mortgage Audit, or Forensic Loan Audit, can be used to leverage your negotiations with lenders for a regarding a loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu or foreclosure. The FMA is a detailed examination of loan documents and disclosures that may uncovers violations of federal lending regulations, including:

  • TILA
  • Regulation Z
  • Predatory Lending
  • Excessive Loan Fees
  • Illegal APR or Finance Charge Disclosures

ArmCheck™ Mortgage Audit

The ArmCheck™ mortgage audit uncovers mortgage overcharges by verifying the accuracy of lender calculations of rates, monthly payments and loan balances for adjustable-rate and fixed-rate mortgages. Overcharges are more likely to happen when a mortgage is transferred from one loan servicer to another. You may be able to identify overcharges if the:

  • Mortgage balance seems too high
  • The borrower has made extra principal payments

EscrowCheck™ Audit

The EscrowCheck™ audit uncovers overcharges in the escrow (or impound) account. Often, borrowers payemts increase due to a lenders miscalculation of their escrow account. This has caused many homeowners to be places in a finacial hardship due to an increaed mortgage mortagge payment. This audit determines if the:

  • Monthly escrow payment is too high
  • If excess funds are being held by the lender in the borrower's reserve or “cushion” account.

Mortgage Securitization Audit

A Mortgage Securitization Audit (MSA) could be used when negotiating a loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu or a foreclosure. The MSA is a detailed analysis of mortgage documents, mortgage securities records and the chain of title. The MSA may determine if a mortgage:

  • Was transferred into a trust or mortgage-backed security
  • A lender actually owns the mortgage and
  • A lender has legal standing to foreclose or approve a loan modification

Student Loan Audits - StudentLoanEXACT™

Loantech's StudentLoanEXACT audit uncovers overcharges and other student loan miscalculations. Theis type of audit verifies the accuracy of the lender calculations. Just like with mortgages, lenders can often miscalculate student loan interest charges, payment amounts and loan balances. Errors often occur due with:

  • defaults
  • deferments
  • forbearance agreements


Was your Loan Overcharged or Frauded?

Loantech's expert mortgage auditors will discuss the audit service right for you.

It can be helpful to audit your loan. If you think there's a chance your mortgage, esrow account, or student loan was orginated incorrectly, Loantech's professional mortgage auditors can help. Loantech has helped customers with expert witness and litigation support services as well.

Understand if your mortgage was correctly:

  • Calculated
  • Disclosed
  • Orginated
  • Transferred

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Delmarva Home Relief has built a relationship with Loantech, LLC as a resources for consumers. Delmarva Home Relief or Loantech does not guarantee that anyone will avoid foreclosure or get any form of mortgage relief from any lender or loan servicer as a result of a loan audit. Should you decide to use Loantech's services you agree to not hold Delmarva Home Relief liable for anything related to Loantech's services or advice. Information on this page is provided as guidance purposes only. Consult with a professional mortgage auditor or attorney for advice regarding the accuracy of a originated mortgage or loan.


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