A 503(c) Non-Profit Community Foundation

We believe in public/private partnerships using social innovation

With a significant need for affordable housing and education related to fiscal responsibiliy, we have created a new social impact project.

The Relevium Foundation

The Relevium Foundation is a 503(c) non-profit foundation that believes in public/private partnerships using social innovation.

On February 18, 2014, the Relevium Foundation was established Delmarva Home Relief, LLC. The Relevium Project (Relevium latin for “Relief”) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that shares in the Trust Counselors’ Network’s tax-exempt status.

The Relevium Foundation exists to provide challenged individuals and families with education, assistance and support that can help them restore blemished financial reputations, live healthy lifestyles, recover threatened assets, accumulate personal wealth, and contribute to their communities.

Help Us Achieve our Mission

You can help us achieve our mission at The Relevium Project. We need the support of our community to grow our innovative concept and redevelop the way foreclosure resolutions are created in Maryland. Help The Relevium Project by contributing a tax deductible donation.

Delmarva Home Relief has donated our time, material, and capitol to help grow our non-profit incentive. Our team volunteers their time to help homeowner that are lower-income obtain a resolution at significantly reduced rates below the cost to perform these services.

Make a Donation Now! Request a Donation Form at Community@TheReleviumProject.com Together we can change our economy and future for Maryland families.